Xbox 360 Repair
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Do you offer an Xbox flashing service?

Xbox 360 flashing is no longer a viable service due to recent updates to the Xbox 360 dashboard which includes anti-piracy 2.5.

Can the team repair multiple Xbox 360 consoles?

The Xbox repair technicians are industry trained professionals and they welcome bulk Xbox 360 repair requests.

For more information, simply fill in the form provided or give the team a call today.

Can the RROD fault be repaired?

Yes - this is one of the most frequently requested repairs.

Please get in contact today to arrange for collection and repair of your Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 Repair | gamingboxfix

If you require a professional Xbox 360 repair, we can help. At gamingboxfix we connect customers with a national repair company that specialises in cost effective and reliable Xbox 360 repairs.

Insured couriers can collect your Microsoft Xbox 360 from any address in the UK before securely transporting your console to the fully equipped Xbox repair centre.

The Xbox repair specialists will then repair your console using high quality parts and industry approved equipment, such as a BGA rework station and specialist diagnostic equipment (the team never recommend Xbox 360 fan mods, blu-tack as a replacement for thermal paste or hair dryer/ basic heat guns).

Contact the team today to book your Xbox 360 repair. Just give the team a call today or fill in the Xbox 360 repair form to request a call back. A member of the team will then contact you to discuss the fault and your repair options.

We do not offer flashing or home-brew modifications for the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 Repairs

Microsoft Xbox 360 Repair

We offer a competitively priced and reliable Xbox repair service to customers across the UK, with courier service included as standard.

All work is completed at a modern service centre, which is fitted with the latest diagnostic equipment, repair tools and a large stock of high quality replacement parts, to enable the technicians to repair your Xbox 360 to a working condition.

The insured couriers can collect your Xbox 360 from your home or work address before securely transporting your faulty item to the state of the art game console repair centre.

Professional, fully trained technicians will disassemble and inspect your Xbox 360 games console, and replace any faulty components with high quality replacements before reassembling and testing your Xbox.

They aim to complete all Xbox 360 repairs within 5 working days and a warranty is offered on all completed repairs for your peace of mind.

Some of the problems that the engineers have repaired with Microsoft Xbox units include:

• Red ring of death
• E74 error
• Distorted graphics
• Overheating
• Disc tray will not open

This video explains how the engineers can repair the RROD with Xbox 360 game consoles:

Contact the team today by phoning the dedicated number or by filling in the Xbox 360 repair form. Please include your contact details and a brief description of the console fault.

A member of the team will then contact you back to arrange your Xbox 360 repair with collection and delivery.

Recent Testimonials

excellent quick service. maybe in touch in the future!

Score 4.8 out of 5

the whole experience with your team was amazing very efficient i would use this service again and again well done up you team karl

Score 5 out of 5

picked up monday and returned wednesday, excellent service.
console working perfectly again.
would definitely recommend .

Score 4 out of 5

very pleased with the fast turnaround and customer service regarding my ps3 repair


Score 4.8 out of 5

i sent our xbox x to the team because it wasn"t reading the games and was taking over half an hour to load. they quickly fixed it and sent it back. the best thing was that i didn"t even need to leave the house as they arranged a courier to collect and deliver it.
great professional service and i would highly recommend them.

Score 4.6 out of 5

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Recent Enquires

every time i turn on my xbox the screen either mentions e 74 or the dashboard loads up but the screen fuzzes up


wont read disks at all


please could you tell us an estimate cost of repair would be and if you could repair it for us. kind regards bob siddall


new fifa disc unrecognised . sometimes works but have to keep retrying by opening tray. keeps saying unrecognised disc but this has happened on two discs


my xbox has stopped turning on i am getting a new xbox and im wondering how much it will cost to get a game stuck in the xbox out without damaging it.


no picture appears when using hdmi lead to home tv. analogue cables work. hdmi lead works with other devices.


believe the fault is with the onoff switch


console runs games for a couple of minutes only then i get the error message that the disc is unreadable.followed all instructions and tried xbox support online. all say that it needs a service. can i have a quote please.


games keep freezing ive followed the xbox site checks inc purging cache which worked for a day but now keep getting 3 red lights power unit green hence need your help to get it functioning again.